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American Resource Center 70 Years

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The American Resource Center celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. Thank you all for celebrating with us!

What started with a modest collection of 2,000 books in 1946 has now grown into the largest collection of books and information about the United States in Finland. It is currently located at the beautiful Helsinki University Kaisa Library. Our anniversary year was filled with many memorable events:

On May 19th, we organized our 70th Anniversary Seminar in conjunction with the Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference for North American Studies. Our guest speakers included Professor Emeritus Markku Henriksson, International Affairs Journalist Teri Schultz from Brussels, and PhD Candidate Janniina Vlasov. A poster show depicting old photos from the past 70 years was showcased at the Kaisa Library at the same time.

This year also marks the 10th Anniversary of the ARC Grant program and we were very proud to recognize this year's grantees during the seminar. The 2015 ARC Grant winners were Juuso Koskinen and Evelina Salo. Mr. Koskinen studies at Turku University, and the working title of his Master's Thesis is "Anchor for Neutrality - United States Role in Finnish Foreign Policy 1980-1990." Ms. Salo studies at Åbo Akademi University and the working title of her Master's Thesis is “'I am in Here: David Foster Wallace’s Investigation of Mind and Self." Both grantees have now joined our growing ARC Alumni, which includes 15 Finnish students who have received a scholarship from the ARC.

In September, we officially established the ARC Alumni when we hosted a breakfast meeting with our grantees and ARC partners to brainstorm alumni activities.

The same month, we joined forces with Helsinki Finnish-American Society,which also celebrated its 70th Anniversary this year, to host a movie night at the movie theater Orion. Many friends of the ARC and HSAY watched together the 1962 blockbuster film, "To Kill a Mockingbird" starring Gregory Peck. Film enthusiast and senior lecturer Pirkka Kivenheimo introduced the film and its themes.

Our column on the history of the ARC is available in the 3rd issue of Suomi-USA magazine, published by the League of Finnish American Societies.

To learn more about the ARC's past, please see a video produced by Library Channel.

Brief history of the American Resource Center.

Our anniversary logo was designed by Jaska Poikonen.

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